Listen up.

Use when you want to learn from others about how your solution might make even more of a difference.

Want honest feedback without having to defend your ideas? Use our secret, proprietary feedback methodology SASU, also known as, “share and shut up”.


  • Practice active listening

  • Valuable feedback from peers

Blue tape 


Step 1
Introduce the SASU Drill. 

Step 2
Inform teams they will present their emerging solutions in the allotted time and then listen to feedback without responding.
Encourage each team to appoint a note taker.

Step 3
Hand out SASU Worksheets to Wrong Thinkers.

 Step 4
Have each team present while timing each presentation.

Step 5
As a group, respond to the presentations with the following prompts:
What they like most about the emerging solution
What they wish the emerging solution included
What they wonder about the emerging solution

Set a time limit for feedback.
Film presentations and feedback with camera or smartphone for the Blitz Report. 

When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill