Why Be Bold.

Critical Moment

When you want to make a meaningful difference, are willing to question the way things are, eager to explore how things might ideally be—and want to do work that matters.

Why it’s hard.

Biological Forces

Bold questions and challenges are daunting because our brains are forever weighing what one neurologist dubs the “carrot of desire against the whip of fear.” We worry that our vision won’t find support in the mindset, policies, and procedures of our organization.


Cultural Forces

Top-down hierarchies and command and control cultures tell us not to ask too many questions. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t ask why. Just get on with it already.

What to expect.

Think Right Responses

Right Thinkers expect you to do what you are told. They focus on the bottom line at the expense of better solutions.
Right Thinkers go along to get along.

What to do.

Think Wrong Responses

Question the challenge as given. Dream big about what you might be able to accomplish. Define the difference you hope to make.


From Idea to Action

Be courageous: Dare to imagine the biggest difference you could make.

Be idealistic: Consider your legacy. What’s worthy of your life’s work?

Be challenging: Refuse to accept the mandate of the status quo.