Ready, set, Blitz!

How you set up a Blitz matters. Create an environment that invites open collaboration, making, and play. Make sure to anticipate what Wrong Thinkers might need along the way and what the most effective use of the space will be to keep the energy up, and the focus on connecting to the challenge. 


Be our guest.
Make your Wrong Thinkers feel welcome from the moment they enter the Blitz space. We know how it can feel when you enter other sessions—overwhelming, uncomfortable, or just “oh-no.” Designing a Blitz to create an inviting and comfortable space is key—and it’s all in the attention to details and setup. Make things easy on your core team as you transition through each day of Think Wrong Drills to meet Blitz objectives and outcomes.

No Surprises, please.
A Blitz with unexpected ideas: Yes!

A Blitz with an unexpected room: #%@&! Quick, improvise! 

If you can’t take a tour of the Blitz space prior to the Blitz, kindly ask your core team support on the ground, or contact at venue, to provide photos. It’s important to view all four sides of the room so you can gauge if there is adequate wall space for all drills, and devise a floor plan for where each drill will take place.

Pro tip: take measurements and test walls for ability to hold blue painters tape and Post-its.


Room to roam.
If you have the luxury of expanding your Blitz to multiple rooms, moving around the space can help keep the energy up. Working together in the same space for a full day or few can become tiring and hard to bear. Try moving around the room(s) for different types of drills and going outside when possible to change things up—even working in the foyer for a drill or two can make a difference. 

Get real.
The Blitz environment is designed to be an open and safe place to collaborate with others around a challenge. Part of what makes a Blitz so different from other sessions is consideration for what matters as we work through our challenge—a human connection. At the end of the day we’re working with committed people who want to make a meaningful impact together. Make it easy for Wrong Thinkers of all personalities and learning styles to voice their ideas and contribute to the group.

We’re all in this together.