Fake It.

Use when perceptions of what is and isn’t possible for your organization are holding you back.

Brand Takeover is a particularly useful drill when a group is stuck on solving with existing resources, within the boundaries of cultural norms, and without letting go.

By looking at the problem through a completely fresh lens, with wildly different assets at their disposal, the team might be able to imagine the unimaginable together.


Convention-bending ideas freed from internal assumptions, orthodoxies, and biases.

Blue Tape


Step 1
Prior to your session, use the Brand Takeover Tool in the Think Wrong Lab to set up the brands you want to use. 

Step 2
Introduce the Brand Takeover Drill. 

Step 3
Assign each team a different brand and place the name of the brand  at the top of their Brand Takeover poster.

Step 4
Announce that the brand they’ve been assigned has taken over their organization. The good news: the new leadership thinks the work they’re doing is vital—and they have agency to use all of the brand’s assets to solve the challenge.

Step 5
Have teams generate ideas for how their new brand owner might solve the challenge.

Select brands that are well known to participants—and be sure to think about using regional and/or global brands for groups from different countries. 

Also, try to select brands that are outside of your team's primary industry or business. You may be surprised at how an entirely different set of assets might inspire brilliant solutions to the challenge. 

Prompt teams to use all of the attributes associated with the brand that has taken over their organization. 

For example: The Lego product line includes amusement parks, animated programming, characters, games, apps, education products, discovery centers, and partnerships with major entertainment brands. These assets are now all at their disposal for solving the challenge.


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