Frame it.

Learn how to frame a challenge statement that is worthy of your aspirations—and time. Use the Challenge Framer Tool to define what you want to accomplish, to whom it might matter most, how you want to go about doing it, and the impact you want to have.

Using this formula will create a more robust challenge statement and push your group to stay focused on the four key elements of your challenge or opportunity.

The power of “How might we?”
We strongly suggest framing your challenge statements with the word “might” rather than “could,” “should,” “will,” etc. Structuring your challenge in this way will encourage your group to imagine how they may achieve new possibilities instead of turning too quickly to whether they should or shouldn’t do something.

How to access the tool.
You will find the Challenge Framer Tool in the Make a Blitz section of the My Home page.

The Challenge Framer Tool will also be accessible in the Drill Tools section of your Blitz if the Challenge the Challenge Drill is in your Blitz Guide.

Additionally, you can use Rita's Think Wrong Cheat Sheet in the Learn About Think Wrong section of the My Home page for a printable challenge framing worksheet.