Let it be known.

Now that you’ve added Wrong Thinkers to your Blitz, you can connect with them using the Communicate Tool.


Pre-designed messages
We like to share. You’re invited to use one of the four pre-designed messages in the Communicate Tool, or create a custom message instead.

Select individual users, all Wrong Thinkers added to your Blitz, or use the default selections based on Wrong Thinker activity:

  • The Invite email defaults to send to all uninvited Wrong Thinkers.

  • The Remind email defaults to send to all invited Wrong Thinkers.

  • The Prepare and Custom emails default to send to all attending Wrong Thinkers.

You may edit or add content to any of the pre-designed emails, and preview or send at the click of a button.

Customize your message
A blank canvas. Create your own custom message to send to a select few, or all Wrong Thinkers. Make the communication your own; format your message for clarity and emphasis, add in html code, or include a link to any external page or presentation.

Grab their attention. The subject line of any message may also be customized to ensure that your messages reaches your Wrong Thinkers.

Tip: If using the pre-designed Invite or Remind message, leave the PLEASE RSVP HERE button in your message to ensure that Wrong Thinkers can confirm attendance. After all, if the link is deleted, how will Wrong Thinkers respond to your RSVP?

Mail merge
One and done. Mail merge keywords are generated from your Blitz Overview, and personalized with the name of each Wrong Thinker. Use mail merge keywords to save time, and to create a consistent message across inboxes.

Need a reference? Select Show mail merge keywords to use a variety of keywords in your email in lieu of typing out Blitz details in your message.

Preview and send
Take it for a test drive. Select Preview Email to send a preview of your email to yourself. This allows you to see exactly what your Wrong Thinkers will see, so you can make adjustments to the text or formatting of your message as needed before you share it.

If you used mail merge keywords in your message, preview lets you see how each word will be displayed, so there are no surprises.

Ready to communicate? Before you hit send you may CC someone on your team or the client lead to ensure that they know who your communication has been shared with.

When you are ready to send your correspondence, select “Send Emails” to send your email to each Wrong Thinker selected on the email list.