Give yourself room.


When choosing a Blitz venue, one of the most important things to look for is plenty of accessible wall space. You should find a room that has enough surface area to hang most, if not all, of your drill posters.

Ideally, you can find walls that blue painter’s tape and Post-it’s will stick to and won’t damage. It may seem like overkill, but we suggest bringing a pack of Post-its and tape with you to test during site visits. There’s nothing more frustrating than running a session with sticky notes and posters fluttering off the walls left and right.

When visiting a venue, photograph each wall and take a panorama of the space to bring back to your production team. This will allow you to create a set-up plan without surprises. Create a logical flow when mapping out where posters will hang and keep in mind which poster’s output will need to be handy for upcoming drills as the day progresses.

If there is not enough wall space to work on, unobstructed by artwork, light fixtures, etc., we use 4’x8’ foam core or cardboard boards to create false walls. We stick our boards into foam core stands (our preferred supplier is, rather than leaning them against the walls. This provides them with a stronger foundation and allows teams to flip back and forth between posters as they wish.

Foam core boards and cardboard introduce additional logistics into the mix so keep this in mind when producing your event. You will need to think about how to transport them to your venue, where to store them once they are there, and how to donate or dispose of them once you are finished. We find that many schools or non-profits are happy to accept boards if you cannot find a use for them at your own organization.