Get the full picture.

A lot happens at a Think Wrong Blitz—literally hundreds, if not thousands, of "a-Ha!" moments. Make sure to take the proper steps to capture them all for use later. We photo document and record all Blitz Drills to keep an archive of each idea generated, and to create the Think Wrong Report. Use the following tips to help ensure that you don’t miss a thing, and have exactly what you need when the Blitz is over.


Say cheese.
Photo documentation is a big, meaty job. Following a Blitz, we rely on our photo documentation to capture the specifics of our emerging ideas, and to tell the story of our time together. So, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that everything is captured.

Taking pictures is easy—just click the button, right? Yes, and there are a few things to keep in mind when documenting a Blitz that you’ll be glad you considered when it’s time to build the Blitz Report.

There are two main types of photos we always document during a Blitz: “In Action” and “Output.” In Action Photos are of the group and/or teams working together during drills, whereas Output Photos are of the actual work generated from each drill. In Action Photos capture the action and spirit of the collaboration. Output Photos document every poster, Post-it, drawing, and artifact created during the Blitz.

A third type of photo we like to take at a Blitz are “B-Roll” shots that give a sense of where the Blitz took place. These photos might include Blitz setup, venue, the support and instigator team, group photos, and any other shots that help to show the Blitz Experience.

We recommend taking photos in landscape mode (horizontal) when possible, for consistency. All of these photos—In Action, Output, and B-Roll—can be used in your Blitz Report to help tell the story about your Think Wrong Collaboration. 

Check your list.
Because Blitzes are fast-paced, it can be difficult to keep track of what has been recorded and what still needs to be documented. Keep up by using a photo documentation check list for you and your team to track photos, video, and more. It can also be used as a handy note sheet!

Sort it out.
We recommend sticking to a media file structure that will help you and your Wrong Thinkers find the documentation they are looking for following a Blitz.

Don’t want to spend time creating and copying a file structure for each Blitz? We’ve got you covered! Select “Download Media Folders” in Edit Mode of the report to organize your Blitz output like the pros. The folder structure is generated from your Blitz Guide to your Dropbox or Box account, giving you a place to sort all media by Think Wrong Practice, Drill, In Action or Output, and type of media (i.e., photos, video).

Links to these media folders may be added to the Blitz Report, so that all supporting photos, videos, or audio files can be accessed from within the corresponding drill section of the report. To do this, when editing the report, check the box to "show the button to link external content" and provide the shareable Dropbox/Box link for that media folder—nice and easy for all.