Dear friends,

As many of you know, in 2012 we founded Future and launched Think Wrong with John Bielenberg to help people conquer the status quo and do work that matters. Our focus was teaching them how to frame clear and compelling challenge statements and convene diverse collaborators to come up with high-potential hypotheses about the people who matter most to them, the pains and challenges those people face, and to invent bold, game-changing solutions to those challenges.

Since then we’ve been honored to help diverse individuals and organizations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa, think wrong about their challenges—ranging from transforming an annual gathering of 18,000 salespeople to ensuring members of our military can exploit emerging technologies to respond to rapidly emerging threats. From reinventing the future of manufacturing to helping the people of Myanmar prevent the onslaught of non-communicable diseases. From exploring the impact of virtual reality on the airline industry to rethinking how the precious resources of forests might be better conserved. And much more.

So, what have we learned by running hundreds of Think Wrong Blitzes, certifying hundreds of Wrong Thinkers through our Master Classes, supporting members of the online Think Wrong Lab, and listening to the many thousands of readers of Think Wrong: How to Conquer the Status Quo and Do Work That Matters?

We’ve learned that our original vision was not sufficient. That the simple, practical, Think Wrong Tools that we delivered are powerful but incomplete. We learned that we could be doing more to help our ever-growing community of Wrong Thinkers act on the question that they so often would ask at the completion of a successful collaboration:

“What’s next?”

That single question inspired us to think bigger and bolder. To go beyond Think Wrong—integrating its problem-solving power with the most effective models, practices, and procedures we’d discovered and applied with our clients, colleagues, and partners into a unified process for innovation.

So, today we are re-founding as Solve Next.

Our expanded mission is to equip people with the simple, straightforward and proven language, frameworks, tools, and techniques they need to imagine, build, run, and grow their better next.

Our expanded focus is to build the capability of individuals and organizations to transform what is and manifest what’s next through a unified process for innovation.

We want to thank you—and the entire Solve Next Team—for all you have taught us and for trusting us with your next.

Indeed, your pursuit of next has informed ours.

Mike and Greg
Future Co-founders
Solve Next Re-founders