The final task we gave our merry band of summer interns—The Future Mavericks, was to create, run, report, and execute upon the outcomes of a Blitz… about a Blitz (circular we know).

Beyond our eagerly anticipated upcoming book, we’ve pondered, “How do you make blitzing and rapid ingenuity available to everyone and anyone?”—this became the Mavs blitz challenge.

In short order the Mavs wrangled a group of 18 people who were generous with their time and ingenuity.

Over 2 days the Mavs led us through the 6 Think Wrong Practices—and it looked a little something like this!

Music Credits: The Mint Chicks—Walking off a Cliff Again

Tune in for our next blog where we'll show you what came out of it—same blitz time, same blitz channel.