Last November, before Game of Thrones' prophecy of "Winter's coming" became an all too chilly reality for the North East states, we partnered with the phenomenal Charles River School in Dover, MA. Their new head of school Gretchen Larkin invited us to help their school community—made up of faculty, parents and the board— to imagine the Charles River School of the future.

In a gymnasium over 100 community members convened—we explored the school to discover the odd, profound and amusing (of which there was a trove); we were inspired by speakers such as Warren Berger author of A More Beautiful Question; the community discovered what was truly special about the school—beyond their engaging theme taught curriculum (for instance, the kids get to learn all their subjects by using the context of the Olympics or Marco Polo—it is fantastic).

It became apparent that people fell in love with school when they visited or when they met the engaging and engaged students—we certainly did. Together, they came up with a series of small bets to get the word out about their amazing school and community (they even opened their homes for us to crash in their spare rooms!).

One of their small bets was a mini camp over the Massachusetts "ski week" vacation—which we suspect was in late May—it was fully subscribed.

Check out our video of the Blitz, it was a hoot! We really love this school.

To add further intrigue to our relationship with Charles River School, frequent Blitz participant and talented fine artist Tucker Nichols saw the Blitz Report at our studio and said "I went there—it's an amazing place, it had a huge influence on me", although a shocking coincidence it was far from surprising.