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Be Bold: Deflection Point Drill

Use when you want to explore the difference you might make—and the change that might require.

Think Right
Optimize the status quo.

Think Wrong
Create a bold path that deflects from the status quo to change things from how they are to how they might be.


  • The way things are and how they might be are framed
  • Identification of useful trends and global forces that might be leveraged
  • People and partners are emotionally and functionally engaged


Step 1
Introduce the Deflection Point Drill.

Step 2
Have Wrong Thinkers make a horizontal line on the wall with blue painters tape. Have them write: “Today’s Path” on the line with a Sharpie.

Step 3
Using Post-its, ask Wrong Thinkers to describe “Today’s Path” (e.g., vulnerable food supply, disconnect between food and seed, general apathy, etc.).

Step 4
Using the blue tape, have Wrong Thinkers create a new line coming off the status quo at a 45° angle, and label it “The Bold Path.”

Step 5
Using Post-its, ask Wrong Thinkers to describe “The Bold Path” (e.g., sustainable food supply, a clear connection between food and seed, real interest among the public, etc.).

Tips You might spend time considering big trends you can take advantage of to help shift from Today’s Path to your Bold Path. 

You might also take stock of current assumptions, orthodoxies, and biases that keep you on Today’s paths, and new habits, ways of working, or capabilities that might help you create and stay on your Bold Path.


When to use the Drill

Introducing Drill

Running the Drill

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