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It's just marriage now—for all.


It's just marriage now—for all.

“No longer may this liberty be denied, no union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

Have an epic Pride weekend.

Greg, John, Mike, Blanca, Becky and Elle.



What did those bloody interns ever do for us?


What did those bloody interns ever do for us?

What did those interns ever do for us in their two months mooching around the studio?

Apart from re-platforming our website, writing a one pager we’d struggled to get around to, participated in a Blitz that resulted in the conception, creation and distribution of 210 mailers to prospects… all hand made—of three different varieties. They only helped build a prototype of Faceball (the basketball literacy game), reformat our proposal documents, create new business cards, repackage and promote the Legend of the Green Watch, create a cardboard craft wall, plan, execute and document their own blitz, and hack a Cricket Trailer.

They sat on their collective ass and moped around visiting Pinterest, Google and Facebook… the d.School,, Not For Sale, Mork-Ulnes Design, Amazon Advertising, Volume, Lit Motors, Miramar Farms, the coastal redwood forest, The California Academy of Science and the California College of the Arts… and when they weren’t doing that they spent their time exploring the area, joining the local yoga sessions and volunteering with The Mission Continues (a fantastic organization that helps veterans serve their communities).

Apart from that—nothing!

They even had the nerve to fail to generate enough drama for us to initiate the reality TV show – The Mavs of San Mateo County… it was going to be spectacular.

Front coffee and El Gran Amigo will miss you, but don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord spit you on your way out.

In all seriousness, we were incredibly lucky to have our interns— The Future Mavericks—over the summer.  The office will be a quieter and less creative place without them. They have blazed a trial and set a high bar for all the Mavs that will follow. Along with previous Mavs and Project M alum they join an elite community that is hard to enter and impossible to leave.

To Anthony, Ehsan, Keir, Melina and Sam (and Shelly who had to leave too soon) a huge thank you for all of your hard work over the summer—don’t be strangers and remember Be Bold, Get Out, Let Go, Make Stuff, Bet Small, and Move Fast.

A heartfelt thanks, and see you all soon somewhere—keep thinking wrong.

John, Greg, Mike, Blanca, and Nani.

P.S. Roxy and Merv, say woof and thanks for all the pets and carries up the stairs.


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MakeLab and HERObike seeing green

Think Wrong about Bamboo

Bamboo grows like crazy all over the south. Some call it invasive. It makes some people see red. But it has the ingenious teams at MakeLab* and HERObike seeing green. Green as in fresh new jobs. As in a renewable resource. As in dollars flowing back into the local economy of a rural Alabama town.

We define ingenuity as the clever, original, and practical use of existing resources. That’s why we were so inspired when Lance Rake, professor of Industrial Design at the University of Kansas, transformed the much-maligned weed into HexTube technology—a breakthrough in material design that allows bamboo bike frames to be lighter, stronger, standardized, and easily assembled for the first time.

Thanks to their successful Kickstarter campaign, the HexTube will make its commercial debut in February 2014 with release of The Semester Commuter and Semester CityBike.

It’s all part of HERObike’s ingenious plan to build more than a cool bike. They’re building new jobs and brighter futures for—and with—the people of Greensboro, Alabama. And we’re not the only ones who are high on HERO's bamboo bikes:

If this story makes you feel good, pass it on—and don’t Bogart.                                            

*full disclosure, Future is a proud member of MakeLab.

"smokin" © 2013 CC BY-NC-SA Blair Stapp

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