It’s time to
think wrong.

Use our cloud-based Think Wrong software or in-person services to create status quo busting solutions to any problem—big or small.



Think Wrong whenever and wherever you need to, with our cloud-based problem solving system.

Learn how to think wrong to drive positive change, with expert led in-person classes.

Let Future help you escape the status quo, with our custom designed and led Think Wrong Blitzes.

Use the Think Wrong Lab software to help your clients forge bold paths of their own. 

There’s a better way
to drive change.

The way we solve problems is broken. We are trapped by techniques and assumptions of a prior era.

Today challenges emerge at an ever-accelerating rate, and we struggle to find the imaginative answers we crave. 

Think Wrong is our radical problem-solving system that reliably produces surprising, ingenious, and seemingly magical answers to your most wicked questions. 


The elements of
thinking wrong.


Read the book.


Wrong Thinkers need new language, frameworks, tools, and techniques to counter the existing norms. Think Wrong arms you to conceive the inconceivable and bring along others to help implement your status-quo-busting solutions.


Take a look.

Order it.


Who’s been thinking wrong?


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