Take a breather.

Over the course of a Blitz we’ll spend hours—and up to days—thinking wrong in the same space. That can become a wee bit taxing, even for the most resilient among us. Let the act of getting out be your secret weapon to shift mindsets and reenergize the group. Trust us, it’s worth the time spent. Oh, and don’t forget to include a time buffer!


Get out.
Nothing like a breath of fresh air or a walk to process, realign, and take a break. You’ll note signs of the group (understandably) growing tired: more Wrong Thinkers participating from their chairs, checking their watches or phones, raiding the caffeinated beverages—yawning.

Regain their focus and attention quickly with a simple walk. Even if you only have 5-10 minutes to spare—getting out can do wonders to lift up the group and enable them to finish strong.

Depending on your challenge, you can use this time as an opportunity to run a Get Out Drill, such as Systemspotting. Even a short Silent Walk is good for clearing the head and sharpening the senses. 

Get ahead of the game.
Not everyone will come back from a Get Out Drill at the same time, trust us. Use a time buffer to account for time that might be lost in transitioning back to the Blitz.

Thinking Wrong with an extra punctual group? Lucky you. You don’t always have to use this little agenda hack after lunch or a Get Out Drill, though that’s when we find they are most useful.

A little insurance...

If you’ve built a time buffer into your Guide (found among the Framing Drills in the picklist) you can be extra flexible with your timing and any needed changes through out the day. 

Always a good call.