Smooth sailing.

It can be challenging to both facilitate and produce a Blitz. Try to focus on performing one job at a time, and consider whether you might need help with the production tasks. Depending on the size of your Blitz, and how many teams will be working, bringing on a Blitz Producer can make a world of difference. With the right support system, you can even pull off running your own 250+ person Blitz—trust us, we’ve done it!


Get ready.
Do your homework. Whomever is in the Producer role should be familiar with the Blitz Guide prior to the Blitz to best prepare for the day. This person is supporting the Blitz by making things run as smoothly as possible. It’s important to think about everything that’s needed to transition between each drill (space, materials, etc.), and to make sure the team is in on the plan. Blitzes are a team effort—if you have the right production support you can pull off Blitzes with dozens of Wrong Thinkers! 

For example, we recently ran a Blitz with ~250 people: 30 teams, three Instigators, 15 Co-Facilitators, and two Executive Producers—a format that has been successfully replicated by one of our Certified Wrong Thinkers. If you need advice for how to support your next Think Wrong Collaboration, drop us a note

Check in.
Update often. Producers are responsible for actions such as when and where upcoming drill posters will need to go up, what materials or tools needs to be accessible to Wrong Thinkers, and what needs to be documented. It’s important for Producers to update the core team with what they observe around the room.

Read the room.
Observe everything. The Producer should anticipate needs of the group, and do whatever they can to keep the group focused on the Blitz Challenge, and enjoying the Blitz experience.

Be on the lookout for teams that might need additional instruction or coaching. If the Producer is not as familiar with Think Wrong Drills or facilitating, they should make sure to send an Instigator to assist while they keep things moving behind the scenes.

Blitz Producers can also help to organize, confirm, and communicate details for transportation, reservations, and the overall food and beverage experience. Make sure to have all vendor contact numbers handy in case drills are running over or under time and you need to adjust the schedule. 

Keep it moving.
Eyes on the Guide. Another part of the Producer role is to help keep the Blitz moving, and to stay on track. While the Instigator is instructing and pushing teams to think expansively and generate ideas, the Producer's job is to make every transition between drills nice and smooth.