Maximize benefits.

Use when you want to identify what the people who matter most to your success might gain from your solution—and what they might have to give up.



A clear understanding of the benefits and costs of your offer for everyone involved.

Green Dots
Blue tape


Step 1
Introduce the Gives & Gets Drill.

Step 2
Assign two constituents to each team.

Step 3
Have teams identify the most important gets (functional, emotional, and self-image benefits) for each solution.

Step 4
Have teams identify the most significant things they might have to give in exchange for each get.


Step 5
Have Wrong Thinkers stack-rank questions, with the first question to address at the top.

Step 5
Give three green dots to each Wrong Thinker. Ask them to place dots on the three most compelling gives and gets.

No one expects—or believes in—a free lunch. Point out to your Wrong Thinkers that people respect an open and honest conversation about the tradeoffs required to get what you have on offer. 

If you run this drill after Matters Most, you can use the most compelling people you identified as your constituents for this drill. 

When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill