Take us home with you.


Not everyone can get away to Half Moon Bay, California for a Think Wrong Master Class. That’s why we partner with universities, professional associations, corporate sponsors, and event organizers who want to host this training to their own backyard.

Our Think Wrong Master Classes are intense, on-your-feet learning through doing. They are exhilarating rides that leave participants pumped up and ready to use their new skills and tools to take on the tough challenges and exciting opportunities that come with imagine, invent, and build what’s next.

Yes, I want to host a class.


Contact Kim Scales to discuss the details of hosting a class.

What we provide

We will create a dedicated web page and social media posts promoting the class and your hosting role.

We will recruit students through the organizations and relationships that we have in your area.

On-line registration
We handle registration and communications leading up to the class.

We offer four full scholarships to military active duty, reservists, or vets attending our Think Wrong Master Classes in Half Moon Bay. When you host a class we set two of those scholarships aside for you to grant at your discretion.

Two instructors to ensure that students get the attention they need and deserve.

Think Wrong Lab
We invite students to access the Think Wrong Lab prior to the class, throughout the class, and for following 90 days to provide a helpful platform and valuable resources for putting Think Wrong into practice.

We provide all the supplies and materials required by the class, including a Think Wrong books for each student.

Post-class survey
We follow up every class with a student survey to evaluate what about the class most valuable for students, how we might support them after the class, and how we might improve future classes. We will share the survey results with you so you might learn from them as well.

Class t-shirt
We commemorate every class with a t-shirt memorializing shared moments, insights, and ideas. After the class, we will produce and send out the t-shirts as a “Thank you!” to participants.

We’ll pay for the class expenses out our pocket. Then we’ll set aside a portion of the tuition collected to share with you.

What you provide

You will use the dedicated web page and social media posts to the class and your hosting role.

You will recruit students through the organizations and relationships that you have in your area.

Food & beverage
You know what’s good in the neighborhood. We’ll ask you to curate and coordinate breakfast, breaks, lunches, and after class beer & wine hour for the class. It’s a tradition to end the class with a wine and cheese reception. You might want to do something with a local spin.

Space for the class
You know what’s hot and what’s not in your town. We’ll ask you to scout out the best venue for the class. 

Places to stay
Students and faculty travelling to the area can always use guidance on the best places to stay nearby the class. We’ll ask you to provide a list of recommended places to stay. Suggestions across a range of prices are always appreciated.

Places to eat
Dinner is not included in the class tuition, so out of town participants will enjoy getting the inside scoop from you on the best places to eat in town.


Here’s what we look for in a great food and beverage experience.

See what we think makes a collaboration and learning environment.

Which Think Wrong Class would you like to host?

We offer a range of public classes—from the Think Wrong Fundamentals Class to the Think Wrong Intensive Class. Explore them to decide which you migh host. 

Want a Private Think Wrong Class for your organization?

We can run a Private Think Wrong Intensive Class at a location convenient to you. Click below to learn more about our Private Think Wrong Intensive Class.