Have fun.

Use when you want to avoid the barriers created by titles, position, and hierarchy.



  • Generate laughter and playfulness

  • Create flow

  • Gain insight into fellow Wrong Thinkers


Step 1
Gather Wrong Thinkers into a big circle. Ask them to remain standing.

Step 2
Introduce the I'm a Tool Drill. 

Step 3
Have each Wrong Thinker introduce themself by first name only, what kind of tool they would be if they were a tool, and why.

This can be a broad interpretation of tool—hammers, spoons, vacuum cleaners, photocopiers, a blue tie. etc.

A helpful tip:
Have a member of the Think Wrong session support team take note of first name and tool for each Wrong Thinker (these can be a fun addition to the Truth+Truth Portraits in the final report). 


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill