Put your group into a collaborative mindset
Whether you’re working with your own team, or convening a group you aren’t familiar with, some drills in the Think Wrong Lab benefit from assigning a little “homework” beforehand.

Inviting team members to bring in “artifacts” to your next Think Wrong session is an easy way to integrate the people, places, and things that inspire them.

An artifact can be anything from a book, to a piece of art, music, or an object that represents something, someone, or someplace, that they admire. If you want to keep it simple, you can have your group bring print-outs instead.

If possible, find a space you can display the objects or print-outs for everyone. If you really want to get creative, you can use them as starting places for Think Wrong drills (we’ve given some examples below).

When you brief your team on their assignment, ask them to come ready to share why their artifact or visual matters to them, and how it might connect to the work they aspire to do at your organization.

The Think Wrong process revolves around sharing and building off of one another’s ideas. Giving out a simple assignment will help get your team members prepped for this style of work before they even enter the room.

Provide starting points for Think Wrong drills
Reduce your prep time by using what your group brings in as jumping off points for your day’s agenda.

Here are some examples we’ve used in our own Think Wrong sessions:

Ask everyone in your group to bring in a sheet of paper with a brand hero (and corresponding logo or image). Ask individuals to share why they admire the brand they brought in. Find a place to display each brand and distribute one to each team to use for the Brand Takeover Drill.

Ask everyone in your group to bring in a visual representation of something they find beautiful. Ask individuals to share why they think their object or representation is beautiful. Find a place to display each visual and distribute one to each team to use for the Inspiration Wall Drill.

We mainly use pre-work for drills from the Be Bold, Let Go, and Make Stuff Practices—but we encourage you to incorporate artifacts whenever and wherever they might be useful.