An army of innovators.

Want a diverse set of solutions to your challenge? Invite a diverse range of participants to work on it. Be strategic when recruiting for your collaboration to get as many perspectives as you can working and learning together.


Think Wrong Collaboration Roles


Internal participants from the organization that is running the Think Wrong Collaboration. Insiders bring knowledge of existing assets, projects, and relationships as well as how the organization operates. They typically work closely with the challenge space that is being explored.

Makers excel at bringing ideas to life. They are illustrators, designers, digital media producers, filmmakers, and photographers who participate fully as team members and help to visualize and create rough prototypes of emerging solutions. 

Guides run the show. Also known as Think Wrong Instigators, they work hand in hand with Producers to create a seamless Blitz experience.

Instigators lead the group through drills and Blitz activities that address the challenge. They maintain the energy in the room, and push the group forward.

Producers work behind the scenes to prepare the venue and materials and set up the Blitz for success. They anticipate needs and changes during the course of the Blitz to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Participants outside of the organization running the Think Wrong Collaboration who have content or functional expertise regarding the challenge space, and/or are orthogonal thinkers.

Content Experts:
Wrong Thinkers who have subject matter expertise or knowledge related to the challenge space we are exploring.

Functional Experts:
Wrong Thinkers that have advanced knowledge of systems, or how to integrate or deploy an idea within the challenge space.

Orthogonal Thinkers:
Natural Wrong Thinkers who think expansively, are comfortable embarking on the bold path, and have non-linear thought processes.

Think Wrong Roles
It can also be useful to think about how the Wrong Thinkers in your group fit into the Think Wrong Roles