Watch out, it’s a trap!

Nothing snares progress quicker than a sharp “Yes, but” (except maybe for a steely “No, because”). And yet, more often than not we hear these words exchanged repeatedly when we’re trying to problem solve.

Prolonged, unnecessary debate and pre-conceived notions can be the death knell for idea generation and will almost guarantee a trip back down the predictable path. 

Instead, encourage Wrong Thinkers to stick to brief exchanges, to keep building on each other’s ideas, and to not get too attached to any idea until it’s truly time to solve.    


No idea killing allowed.
“Let me tell you why your idea won’t work.” Sentiments like this might attempt to be helpful, but are a waste of time in a Blitz. We’re not interested in why an idea might not work, but rather, what might be possible and to where each idea might lead. If teams are spending time debating ideas, they’re not collaborating or generating. As drills move quickly, we simply do not have time for debate.

Let me clarify.
It’s perfectly acceptable to briefly explain your words on a Post-it. We’re not interested in how it will work, or why it might not work (yet); but, it’s OK to provide clarification or  insights around your idea. Added clarification will not only contribute to building and making the idea bigger, but might also lead the group in a new direction as we continue to explore possibilities.

Don’t be clingy.
A Blitz Challenge is an excellent starting place. We spend a lot of time finding and framing the right Blitz Challenge to align the group around our opportunity and to emphasize the impact we want to have. It is easy for a group to get attached and accept the challenge statement as given. However, the challenge statement is intended to change and progress as we dig deeper into the opportunity at hand.

As the group moves from drill to drill, new constituents, pain points, and “from/to” shifts will surface that may inspire a change to your challenge statement—or a new one altogether. Embrace this change and where it takes your emerging solutions.

Nothing is too precious in a Blitz.