Be curious.

Use Learn From Investment (LFI) when you place a higher value on discovering new things than on being right.

Congratulations! You landed on a potential solution. Now it’s time to put pen to paper, crunch the numbers, and determine the Return on Investment—right? Not so fast. 

Start instead by surfacing the big, compelling questions that you want to explore while developing your solution.

Shift the orientation to discover the return in learning that you’ll get by doing something now. And start with the hardest questions first.  

This is where the challenge will either prove to be solvable or too difficult—go, no go.  


  • Design, development, and implementation priorities

  • Insight into the most fruitful small bets

  • Freedom from being right

Blue tape
Green dots


Step 1
Introduce the LFI Drill.

Step 2
Have Wrong Thinkers generate a set of questions raised by their emerging solutions. 


Step 3
Give three dots to each Wrong Thinker. Have them place dots on the most critical questions to address.

Step 4
Have Wrong Thinkers stack-rank questions, with the first question to address at the top.


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill