Escape the predictable.

Use when you want to make clever, practical, and original use of existing resources.

Break out your blindfolds and hold on to your mullets—it’s time to get resourceful. The MacGyver Drill leans on the human ingenuity of the group to produce surprising solutions with limited resources. We run the MacGyver Drill after Wrong Thinkers have taken stock of existing resources with the Asset Jam Drill. Then, it’s time for the fun part.

We start out with a bit of play as teams randomly select three assets from their Asset Jam Posters. Then we announce that these are the only resources that can be used to address the challenge. Restricting what teams can use to problem-solve with results in a fresh set of innovative and MacGyver-esque ideas. So, embrace constraints and your inner hero. Fewer assets lead to a greater portfolio of solutions with the MacGyver Drill.


Compelling hacks of existing resources and solutions that might prove easier to execute

Completed Asset Jam Poster
MacGyver Poster

Blue tape


Step 1
Introduce the MacGyver Drill.

Step 2
Have each team randomly select three resources from their Asset Jam Poster.

Step 3
Ask the group how many people know who MacGyver is. If there are people who do not know MacGyver, introduce him.

Step 4
Inform Wrong Thinkers that like MacGyver, they have limited resources and can only use the three to solve their challenge.

Step 5
Ask teams to come up with as many solutions as they can using only the three resources they have selected.

If you have time, add an element of play by blindfolding a member of each team before they pull their assets off the Asset Jam Poster. Assign a guide to each blindfolded teammate to ensure safety of all Wrong Thinkers.


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

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