Build your Blitz.

Use the Make a Blitz feature on My Home to hit the ground running on your next collaboration. Create an original Blitz from scratch—or choose a template or a previous Blitz from which to start. Need to update the logistics for your collaboration? Want to shake up the guide with a few new drills? Once your Blitz is created in the Lab you can add or change details as often as you like. Go crazy.


Build Your Blitz.
Add the details of your Think Wrong Blitz to get started. Unsure of some Blitz elements? No Problem. Simply populate the Blitz client, Blitz name, date, and time zone in order to save your Blitz. Once saved, your Blitz will appear in the Upcoming Blitzes section of My Home where you may view, edit, or add details from the Blitz Overview page as needed.

The information that is provided in the Blitz Overview will become the information that is pulled through on communications to Wrong Thinkers such as the Blitz Invite, Reminder, and Preparation emails—no need to enter this information a second time, the Communicate Tool will take care of it!


Craft a challenge
It’s important to have a clearly stated challenge statement, as it’s what you’ll be thinking wrong about. Once the challenge statement is created you can tailor the guide to match your challenge and align it with your desired outcomes. To help you structure a challenge statement that describes what you want to accomplish, the impact you want to make—and who it will matter to most (along with the approach, mindset, or values you wish to apply)—use the Challenge Framer Tool. 

Want to spend a greater effort on the challenge you’ll be working on? We recommend using a Challenge Framing Template to help prioritize and decide on the true nature of the client opportunity.

Make a Blitz tips
Time zone
Make sure to enter the correct time zone of the Blitz location, rather than from where you make the Blitz.

Special Instructions
The Special Instructions field is not required, but offers a good place to refer Blitzers to pre-Blitz assignments, nearby lodging, transportation, or other Blitz-specific information. 

Core Team Notes
The Notes field will appear only to core team members while in edit mode of the Blitz Overview page. This can be handy for quickly referencing information or documents in preparation for the Blitz.