For the love of swag.

We like to send out Think Wrong T-Shirts with four words unique to each blitz as a “thank you” to our participants. We’ve also found that it’s a great way to generate interest about the work we’re doing with fellow employees, clients, family, or even someone we bump into on the street!



Step 1
Hang a blank white poster on the wall during your Blitz so that participants can post T-shirt word ideas throughout the day. Document these words and send them out for everyone to vote on at the end of the Blitz. Alternatively, your core team can pick the four words they like best.

Step 2
Download the T-shirt Template here.

Step 3
Make the artwork for your Blitz T-shirt by dropping in the words from your Blitz. We like to use an Illustrator (AI) file for the most control over our artwork, but you can easily use a PDF, JPG, PNG, or PSD as well. Once you have completed your artwork, export it.

Step 4
Upload your image to a custom T-shirt website (we use and you’re all set to order!

Step 5
We recommend asking for T-shirt sizes by email and putting them into the Think Wrong lab as you receive them. Navigate to the Wrong Thinkers tab and go into edit mode, click on a name to input a size, and then save. Once you have entered in all of the sizes you can go back to the participants list and click “Show t-shirt details” for a full breakdown of sizes.