Check your list.

Track your progress from one place. Working with a core team to produce and run your Blitz? Use your Blitz Tasklist to manage, edit, and add tasks to complete before, during, and after your Think Wrong Collaboration. Do you have several clients or partners on your core team that will produce, prepare for, and run the Blitz? The more the merrier! Assign tasks to the appropriate team member and check them off together each week.


Work together.
Unlike any other tool in the Lab, teams may edit in view mode on the Blitz Tasklist page simultaneously. Any core team member of a Blitz may access, edit, and check off items on the Tasklist. The completed tasks will be moved to the “Done” portion at the bottom of the Tasklist when a user navigates to another page or refreshes their screen. This allows the team to quickly update tasks, and view what tasks will be due in the coming weeks.

When you complete a task, say it out loud, “Done!”—Congrats, you’re one step closer!

Whoa, that’s a long list.
The default Tasklist is a (very) extensive list of all the tasks the Solve Next team uses to execute a full-length Blitz. It includes tasks such as locating and securing a venue, recruiting Outsiders, and lining up the food and beverage experience. Feeling overwhelmed? Relax, not all of these tasks are required to produce and facilitate every Blitz!

Make it work for you.
For shorter Blitzes, some of these tasks will be unnecessary, and can be removed. Tailor the Tasklist to your Blitz in edit mode by removing the tasks that are not required. We like to track tasks this way regardless of the Blitz duration to ensure we don’t miss anything. Give it a try for your next Blitz!

Add & adjust.
You can change or add any to-do item to your Blitz Tasklist. Edit the task description, due date, and who’s responsible for completing each task. The week number will change automatically as you edit the due date for each task. The default due dates are created from the start date of your Blitz; thus, Week -7 is seven weeks prior to your Blitz, Week 0 is the week of the Blitz, Week 1 is one week after the Blitz and so on. You’ll find that each task has a default role associated with it. We strongly encourage replacing these roles with the name(s) of whomever is responsible for each task.

Play around.
Use the icons to the right of each task to:

  • Enter a task above current task.

  • Move a task one row up.

  • Move a task one row down.

  • Click and hold to move current task anywhere on the task list.

Check in.
If we are running a full, 1-3 (or more) day Blitz, we like to check in, often. At least six weeks in advance (if possible), we will start check-in calls with the core team to establish the challenge; confirm venue, travel, and food and beverage logistics; review the Blitz Guide and participant list; and most importantly, invite blitzers to the Blitz. 

The Tasklist makes it easy for the core team to align in between calls—and can serve as your agenda for each call. If you’re really executing from the Tasklist, these calls should be quick and painless, providing more time for clarification and questions about each task as the Blitz approaches.