Sell it.

Use when you want to craft stories for your emerging solutions and better understand how they might work and how people might experience them.

Encourage Wrong Thinkers to channel their inner marketing genius to create a name, tagline, logo, and storyline for their emerging solutions.

And yes, stick figures and hashtags are OK. 



  • Better understanding of your emerging solutions

  • Early use scenarios

  • Ability to share and learn from—and be inspired by—others

Blue Tape
Sharpies (black and colored)


Step 1
Introduce the Name It Drill.

Step 2
Have Wrong Thinkers name their emerging solution(s).  

Step 3
Ask teams to write a tagline for their solution(s). 

Step 4
Have teams design a logo for their solution(s).

Step 5
Have teams illustrate key moments, or lifecycle of their solution(s) that reveals how they work.

Step 6
Have teams present their Name It Poster(s) to the group.


Depending on available time, you might have your teams complete Name It for one or more ideas.

If Wrong Thinkers get stuck on completing the storyboard of their emerging solution, encourage them to use the Matters Most Redux Drill Worksheet to help describe the flow of how their idea will work, and who it will work for.

If time allows, and Wrong Thinkers have access to wifi, is a nice resource to use that gives an additional level of resolution to emerging ideas.

Name It is a good drill to videotape for the documentation of the Think Wrong session.


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill