Stir the pot.

Make things interesting. Bring the energy back up, and push teams even farther out onto the bold path by inviting a little (friendly) competition into the room. Teams are not private in a Blitz, sharing—even stealing of ideas is encouraged!


Steal like an artist.
Allow teams to be inspired by one another—and to proudly borrow ideas from their neighbors as they see fit. Announce to your group that stealing is encouraged and if they want, teams can send a teammate to scout out the room for new ideas to work with. Who knows where that breakthrough or new idea may stem from—it might be the team next door!

We find that stealing is especially helpful for teams that are stuck with generating ideas during Let Go drills. Caution: instruct teams to steal ideas by duplicating them on Post-its—not physically stealing Post-its off of team posters (it happens).

Tag, you’re it.
Apply a little pressure between teams, and create a sense of urgency to generate more ideas and stay on pace with the Blitz. Go ahead, create some tension and prompt teams to try to out do each other. By gamifying the Blitz in this way, you can take advantage of teams attempting to top each other with bigger, and bolder ideas that will yield more potential solutions to meet the Blitz challenge—after all, we’re all in this together right?

Don’t be afraid to draw attention to a team that is bring prolific, or to call out a team that is not producing as many ideas—it’s all in good fun.