It’s about time.

Keep time on your side by setting clear time limits, and instructing Blitz teams with countdowns. Master the art of getting a group’s attention: different approaches resonate with different cultures. We’re introduced to new instruments and call-and-response techniques all the time—find what works best for your group.


Take it to the limit.
Why do Think Wrong Drills have such short time limits? Drills do go quickly (hey, time flies when you’re having fun) —most of our Think Wrong Drills run about 20 minutes long. These time limits are used to apply pressure, but also eliminate any extra time for debate and posturing. We’re not messing with you: the short time durations actually help teams to generate ideas and collaborate under pressure. We want teams to lose their filters and throw every idea they can think of out there—that's the point!

Make Stuff Drills are the main exception where extra time is necessary for teams to bring their ideas to life. We’ll typically allow teams up to an hour to create their illustration, model, short film, etc.—rapid prototyping at it’s finest...or a least a S#!%Ty First Draft!

3, 2, 1... Post-its down.
Every second counts. Create a sense of urgency and excitement in the room by announcing time limits and transitions. Keep Wrong Thinkers informed and on track by giving them clear countdowns and warnings. We suggest giving teams multiple warnings for each drill. Check in frequently with your group to make sure teams know how much time is left in each drill. Apply some pressure—try to squeeze a final idea out of each team before the buzzer (...or bell, or chime) goes off!

Did you know that there is a drill timer built in to every drill page? Simply access a drill from your guide, find the timer, and press play.

More Cowbell!
Tink a glass. Ring a bell. Bang the gong. Shout it out—it’s time to get the group’s attention.

As an Instigator you’ll be instructing the group all day, and will need to learn how to best get the group’s attention. Let Wrong Thinkers help decide on which technique might be best to quickly stop the group at any time to provide instruction—you could have a crowd whisperer among you!

If the Blitz is heading in the right direction, it’s going to be hard to combat the noise in the room—there will be a lot going on at once! For larger groups/venues, you might even consider bringing in a microphone to ensure that everyone can hear your instruction.