Too soon to solve.

We know you want the answer now, but we have some important exploration to get to before we understand the true nature of our problem—and develop a new solution set.

You’ll likely need to remind your group of the space we are operating in and how powerful biology and culture can be. Is your group stuck? Refer to the Think Wrong Frameworks here to help drive this point home.

Oh, the possibilities.
To think wrong is to come up with multiple possible solutions before landing on a portfolio of small bets. It’s to be as expansive as we can to imagine new solutions, letting our human ingenuity and design serendipity kick in along the way. Don’t worry about finding the answer now, it’s simply too early.

Less conversation, more generation.
Are you hearing too much discussion or defending of ideas? Prompt your group to stop their conversations and instead generate as many ideas as they can.

Does it seem too silly or weird? Perfect.
Are emerging solutions or ideas causing laughter?
Good. It’s an indication that there’s something worth exploring there, and a sign of ingenuity at play.