Get Weird.

Use when you need to start solving from an entirely new place.

Want to arrive at unique and interesting solutions? Step back, embrace your strange surroundings, and use a new starting place to jump off with. We use the That’s Odd Drill to allow people, places, and things to resonate differently with Wrong Thinkers. We find that in our professional and personal lives we quickly become familiar with our environment and tune out the world around us—thanks, brain.

That’s Odd offers a way to connect to the world around us and generate new concepts with odd starting points. Plus it’s a fun and unexpected activity to add into any working session—especially after lunch.


  • Attentive and receptive mindset

  • Random starting places

  • Opportunities for serendipitous connections

  • Team bonding and boldness

  • Fun

That’s Odd Poster

Brown paper bag


Step 1
Introduce the That's Odd Drill.

Step 2
Have participants pair up into duos or trios.

Step 3
Send Wrong Thinkers out to identify the three strangest things they can find in the surrounding environment.

Step 4
Ask Wrong Thinkers to email or text photographs of what they find to your support person. 

Step 5
Upon their return, have Wrong Thinkers write the three strangest things on separate Post-its, using only 1–2 words to describe each.

Step 6
Ask Wrong Thinkers to place those Post-its in a brown paper bag.

Step 7
Ask several teams to share the highlights from their That’s Odd adventure.

A helpful prompt:
Have Wrong Thinkers pull out Post-its from the brown paper bag to randomly select the starting point for a Let Go Drill (see Pairs Well With below).


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill