Get a hand.

There are two ways to get help if you’re feeling lost in the Lab or simply don’t know where to begin. 

1. First, head to Think Wrong Lab Help, where you will find a search bar for help with using the Lab along with two other sections: 

The Think Wrong Lab Features section orients you with the basic functions of the Lab—how to navigate your homepage, use a Think Wrong Drill, construct a Blitz based on a Think Wrong Template, build a Blitz from scratch, and use the Think Wrong Shop. It also allows you to connect with and learn from your fellow Wrong Thinkers in the Think Wrong Community portal. 



The Think Wrong Blitz Tools section provides you with useful ways to plan, organize, execute, and report on a Blitz. Here you will find instructions on how to use the Blitz Overview page, manage the tasks involved with producing a Blitz, communicate with and add Wrong Thinkers to the Lab, use a Blitz Guide, and generate a Blitz Report. 

2. The second way to get help is by clicking the Help Button (next to the Feedback button) on the bottom right corner of any page within the Lab. A unique pop-up will appear with highlights of the feature you are exploring and hints that may not be obvious from first glance. When appropriate, videos may also appear to provide you with more details and explanation.