Do what you do best for your clients.

Your clients come to you for your expertise and experience. Use the Think Wrong Lab to discover their aspirations, strengths, problems and opportunities—and to challenge them to imagine, build, and operate status quo-busting solutions.

Incorporating the Think Wrong Lab and Services into your ongoing processes can help you conceive of far more interesting and demanding work—and build more strategic, longer-lasting relationships with your clients. 

Our Think Wrong Partners include strategy firms and business management consultants; government agencies, advertising, brand, communication, PR, and architectural firms; incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces.



You help your clients think wrong about what matters most to them.

We deliver the Think Wrong Products that help you do that.

  • Create and execute bold strategies.
  • Launch disruptive businesses, products, services, and experiences.
  • Launch brands that matter.
  • Engage the people who matter most.
  • Conceive of and implement game-changing processes.
  • Attract, onboard, and retain top talent.
  • Craft and implement policies that make a difference.
  • Create unforgettable events and gatherings.
  • Imagine and build places that transform how people live, work, and play.
  • Spark movements that drive positive change.
  • Foster Think Wrong Leadership through publications and social media.
  • Promote Think Wrong as a disruptive problem solving methodology.
  • Develop cloud-based Think Wrong Lab software.
  • Expand our extensive library of Think Wrong Drills.
  • Grow extensive collection of instructional Think Wrong Videos.
  • Provide Think Wrong Training, Certification, and Coaching.