Shop wrong.

Where is the best place to buy materials for a Blitz? Look no further than the Think Wrong Shop! Purchase the tried-and-tested materials that Think Wrong pros use for running Think Wrong Drills (trust us, they really work!). Be sure to look under the Materials section of each drill page to build your Blitz shopping list. Add the materials you need to your cart, adjust quantities, and check out with your Amazon account. Boom—one more thing to check off your Blitz Tasklist.


Essential equipment
Find the recommended camera equipment to capture and share Think Wrong Media in the Basic Equipment section of the Shop. Don’t miss a thing. Be prepared to record Wrong Thinkers in action along with all written Blitz output.

Disrupt your space
The environment you create should signal that this is not business as usual. Use simple materials such as foam core to transform any area—inside or out—into a bona-fide Think Wrong Space. Purchase stands to pop up your foam core or cardboard sheets to create an abundance of wall space. Find them at

Back to basics.
Find what you need to run nearly all Think Wrong Drills under Basic supplies—from Post-its to Sharpies, we’ve got you covered. Have these supplies on hand so you are prepared to run a Think Wrong Collaboration at a moment’s notice.

Bust out the arts and crafts.
Find what you need for Make Stuff, Bet Small, and Flow Drills—or any time you need to add a little color—in the Drill Supplies section of the Shop. Exploration, experimentation, discovery, and invention are forms of play; load up on fun supplies and let Wrong Thinkers run wild with their ideas.


Raiding the supply cabinet for Blitz materials? Use the Think Wrong Shop to reference the materials we believe work best at a Blitz.

Beware: not all materials are created equal. Light-colored (regular, not pop-up style) Post-its? Check. Bold, black Sharpies? Yep. Small, green dots? Uh huh, those too. There’s a method to the madness, and a reason we select the material we use and provide in the Think Wrong Shop.

Of course you can work with other types of supplies—why not? From our experience it is well worth the extra time involved to ensure we have the best tools for the job.

Prime time live.
The Think Wrong Shop sends your order directly to Amazon to complete your purchase. Alas, if you’re not a member you’ll need to sign up for Amazon (we recommend Prime for quick shipping and other perks). Once you click the Check out with Amazon button, you will be prompted to sign into your Amazon account to complete your purchase. Want to add an item to your cart that is not featured in the Think Wrong Shop? Go ahead and continue shopping before you proceed to checkout.

It’s Amaz-ing.