Armed for innovation.

Have the right tools, at the right time. Ensure Wrong Thinkers are ready to contribute ideas at all times by setting some basic ground rules below.


Locked and loaded.
During the Blitz, ideas will flow freely. Sometimes a little too freely. Make sure Wrong Thinkers have the materials they need to capture them all—regardless of how kooky they might sound. Who knows when a breakthrough will strike? Instruct Wrong Thinkers to keep a Post-it pad and Sharpie marker nearby at all times.

Make it easy for the group. When preparing for a Blitz, order a surplus of materials that will ensure that each participant has what they need to best contribute to their team. Spend some time thinking about the flow of the day(s) to confirm that you have enough materials for both group and team drills in whatever space you might be working.

Make your mark.
Be bold as you generate ideas that might solve your challenge—literally.

It may sound like a small detail, but big, bold pens can make a big difference. Ball point and felt tip pens are great for note taking, but not so great for posting ideas.

We encourage use of bold pens for a few reasons:

  • To help fellow Wrong Thinkers on your team see and understand your idea more clearly.

  • More importantly, when the Blitz is finished and all ideas are photo documented, ideas that are written with bold pens will be much easier to transcribe and read in the Blitz Report.

Can you hear me now?
The smartphone is a brilliant,  multipurpose tool. And since most of us have this handy dandy tool in our pocket at all times—use it!

Encourage Wrong Thinkers to use smartphones to research emerging solutions, add to ideas, photo document the Blitz, or even call someone who fits the archetype of who matters most to the challenge.

Instruct teams to use their phones responsibly. With so many possibilities at your finger tips, phones can just as easily distract from the job to be done. Don’t let Wrong Thinkers become sidetracked by emails, Instagram, or Candy Crush. If phones become an issue—forbid them, and ask the group to give their phones up for the session an to be respectful of your time together.

Where can I buy Blitz Materials?
We’re glad you asked. Find materials for all your Wrong Thinking needs in the Think Wrong Shop—located in the Think Wrong Lab on My Home.