Teach your peers how to define, deliver, and dominate what’s next.

Most organization’s lack the ability to build productive relationships and collaboration among the people operating today’s enterprise and those responsible for inventing tomorrow’s.

Our Train the Think Wrong Trainer Program teaches your people how to instruct their peers to Think Wrong through hands-on application of the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System’s language, frameworks, tools, and techniques.

Join up to 24 people from your organization in-depth, hands-on practice and coaching for Think Wrong Instructors.

The Train the Think Wrong Trainer Program is the final step toward certification as a Think Wrong Instructor.


  • Maximum 24 participants per class

  • Completion of the Think Wrong Advanced Class
    or Think Wrong Intensive Class

  • Think Wrong Lab Membership

  • Curiosity, a growth mindset, commitment to clear your calendar

2 Days (8:30am–6:00pm each day)

Private Train the Trainer Classes are run at a location convenient to you. 

We can also host Private Train the Trainer Classes at our Think Wrong Studio in Half Moon Bay, CA USA.

Contact us for a quote.

What your trainers learn how to do

Introduce the Think Wrong Frameworks through student’s problems and opportunities.

Teach students how to use the Think Wrong Frameworks to facilitate innovation and change discussions.

Teach students how to frame challenges for your organization’s problems and opportunities—big and small.

Coach students how to effectively lead Think Wrong Interventions and Blitzes through live drills and a practice Blitz.

Teach students how design, organize, instigate, document, and report on Think Wrong Activities to foster productive collaborations, develop portfolios of emerging solutions, and position those solutions for further development.

Certify Wrong Thinkers and invite them into the Think Wrong Community to provide support and encourage utilization of the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System.

Encourage and support Certified Wrong Thinkers as they begin to apply their new skills and tools and build their Think Wrong Habit.

Coach students to develop Think Wrong Goals and to build a personal 90-day Think Wrong Habit-Building Plan.

What your trainers get

  • 1:1 Coaching from Think Wrong Experts (in class)

  • Personal video recording of them facilitating a Think Wrong Drills

  • Think Wrong Lab Training Guides and Drills (used to run your own classes)

  • Think Wrong Class Student Survey Template (to receive feedback from your students)

  • Follow-up 1:1 Trainer Coaching (based on Student Survey results)

  • Think Wrong Trainer certification on LinkedIn

  • Wholesale discount on Think Wrong books for classes

  • Commemorative t-shirt

  • Access to Think Wrong Report capturing class experience

What we’ll bring

At least two of us to 30 to ensure that small teams and student gets the attention they need and deserve.

The Think Wrong Lab
We’ll invite each trainer to access the Think Wrong Lab prior to the class. Enterprise Membership is required for the Train the Trainer Program.

We provide all the supplies and materials required by the class.

What we’ll need

A well-lit space with tables for teams and plenty of windows or wall space for hanging the large-format posters we work on.

Food & Beverage
We will burn a lot of calories—putting our brains and bodies to work—over long, intense days. So, we will work with you to select food and beverage options that fuel us—rather than put us to sleep.

Each trainer should bring a laptop. We will bring a limited number of Chromebooks as back ups—we’ll just need to be able to access your network and your student’s webmail.

The Think Wrong Lab is also accessible from smartphone and tablets—trainers are welcome to use them in class to practice working across devices

We also like to show some videos, so a large, flat-screen monitor or digital projector is helpful.

Please make sure your trainers clear their calendars. You are making the investment in them—so it is important that they each get the most out of their learning opportunity.

Which to choose?


If you need help selecting the right training or would like to bundle training, please contact us.