Private Solve Next Master Classes

Bundle classes to tailor our training to your needs.

Learn with a diverse group of students from private, public, and civil sector organizations.


1/2-day Challenge Framing Class

People in your organization are trained to give the right answer, not ask the right question.

Learn how to find the “why” for your next and how to craft the kinds of challenging questions that lead to breakthrough innovations.

Learn and apply the Beautiful Question, Matters Most, and Challenge Framing Tools.

Discover how the questions you choose influence who you might invite to help you solve your next.


1/2-day Solution Seeking Class

People in your organization struggle to come up with bold solutions to challenges that matter.

Learn how to use the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System to produce bold, practical solutions and access the frameworks you need to develop them—immediately.

Learn and apply the Six Think Wrong Practices, Deflection Point, The Practice Mismatch and Challenge Map Frameworks to your most important problems and opportunities.

Explore how biology and culture might be keeping you mired in the status quo.


1/2-day Solution Management Class

People in your organization are overwhelmed by the complexity of innovation.

Learn how to manage the complexity of innovation—orchestrate your innovation pipeline, move solutions from hypthesis to dominance, and assemble the right team for each stage of development.

Learn and apply the Innovation Zones, Innovation Roles, and Opportunity Map Frameworks.

Take stock of how your teams are staffed and explore how that help or hinder the development of your next.


1/2-day Criteria and Metrics Class

People in your organization make decisions based on untested assumptions and best guesses.

Learn how to turn assumptions into knowledge, unleash decision-making-super-powers, and how to use critical questions, metrics, and criteria to radically reduce uncertainty.

Learn and apply how to drive development, gauge progress, and manage risk utilizing the Assumption Canvas.

Explore how the Assumption Mass and Ratio Frameworks and the Super Seven questions apply to your challenges, opportunities, and solutions.


1-day Innovation Instigator Class

People in your organization lack a disciplined approach to generating breakthrough ideas.

Learn how to use our online Think Wrong Lab to design, produce, instigate, learn from, and report on Think Wrong Blitzes and Collaboration—even if you’ve never facilitated.

Access and use over 150 Think Wrong Drills, dozens of Think Wrong Blitz Templates; project management, communication, and reporting tools; and learning resources to build your ability to generate and develop status-quo busting solutions—anytime, anywhere.


1/2-day Intro to Unified Process of Innovation

People in your organization lack a shared understanding and approach to innovation.

Learn a common language, frameworks, and tools to increase the probability of your innovations success.

Get introduced to the fundamentals of the Solve Next Unified Process of Innovation and the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System so your organization can communicate with radical candor about what is and what might be—inoculating your innovation against the next-killing superpower of the status quo.

Take a quick tour through the Deflection Point, Practice Mismatch, Six Think Wrong Practices, Innovation Roles, and Innovation Zones Frameworks.

Special Topics


1/2-day Data Science Class

People in your organization don’t know how to get the most out of your data.

Learn how to use data, analytics, and context to gain insights into your toughest challenges, inspire your solutions, and make radically better decisions.

Apply the When, LFI, PAK, Stack It + Time, and Waypoints Drills to identify the assumptions you most need to move into the “what we now know column as your solutions progress from the Formulate, Incubate, and Accelerate Stages of Innovation through the Operate, Grow, and Elevate Stages.


1/2-day Intro to AI Class

People in your organization are not able to radically improve what you’ve got.

Cut through the hype. Learn the lanugage of artifical intelligence and how it can help you optimize the performance of your existing solutions today—and inspire your next solutions for tomorrow.

Learn about Machine Employees and how AI will impact the future of work and man-machine relationships.

Apply the Moments that Matter, Let Go Practice, and Make Stuff Drills to explore how AI might transform what is and make possible what’s next.


Pre-bundled Master Classes

Select the bundle that fits your needs.


2-day Solve Next Master Class

Ideal for Shepherds, Scouts, and Outlaws

Day 1: Why Next + Imagine Next
(Problem Framing/Solution Seeking)

Day 2: Manage Next + Decide Next
(Solution Management/Criteria and Metrics)


3-day Think Wrong & Solve Next Intensive Class

Ideal for Scouts and Outlaws

Day 1: Why Next + Imagine Next
(Problem Finding/Solution Seeking)

Day 2: Guide Next
(Think Wrong Facilitation)

Day 3: Manage Next + Decide Next
(Solution Management/Criteria and Metrics)


2-day Innovation & Growth with Data Class

Ideal for Shepherds, Scouts, Sheriffs, and Posses

Day 1: Why Next + Optimize Now
(Problem Finding/Artificial Intelligence)

Day 2: Know Next + Decide Next
(Data Science/Criteria and Metrics)

Who our classes are for.

Imagining, building, and operating what’s next is a team sport. No one role is more important than the other. Learning a common language, frameworks, tools, and techniques makes it possible to achieve together things that none of us can accomplish alone.


Shepherds. Those of us who create environments and cultures conducive to innovation and positive change. 

Outlaws. Those of us who reject the status quo, forge bold new paths, shake things up, and invent what’s next. 

Scouts. Those of us who help Outlaws navigate the obstacles, and find valuable resources, so that they can invent what’s next—with our guidance.

Sheriffs. Those of us who ensure that things run as smoothly as they possibly can—whether that’s operating what is, or inventing what’s next.

Posses. Those of us who get things done, dig deep and become experts, and protect our organizations and communities from unnecessary disruption—today and tomorrow.


$1,300 per person, per day

  • 15 person minimum

  • Special pricing for 20-packs, 30-packs, and large groups

  • All materials included, travel isn’t

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