Drills for days.

Our Think Wrong Drills provide step-by-step guidance for imagining, building, and executing status quo-busting solutions to your challenges and opportunities—big or small.

Our library of 150+ Think Wrong Drills keeps growing. Knowing which drill to use—and when to use it—takes practice. Get started with Use a Drill—located on My Home—to find drills by Think Wrong Practice, type of challenge, alphabetically, or by searching on the complete library of drills.

Practice makes perfect
Learning about the Think Wrong Practices will help with drill selection. Start by asking, “Where am I stuck?” to reveal what Think Wrong Practice might be most helpful to solve the challenge you're working on.

Are you stuck on setting your aspirations? Be Bold. Having trouble finding fresh inspiration? Get Out. Need to generate new ideas? Let Go. Looking to gain insights about your emerging solution? Make Stuff. Want to test your idea without risking it all? Bet Small. Need to accelerate your time to impact? Move Fast. Once you understand the practices, and where they are most useful, you’ll be able to get the most out of our library of drills.

Sneak a peek
As you browse the library and find a drill you may be interested in running, select the drill name to learn more. When you click on a drill, the Think Wrong Practice it belongs to, when to use it, and the outcomes it helps to achieve will be revealed. Then, either keep browsing or select Use Drill to learn more.

Each drill has a unique drill page that displays instructions, tips, required tools and materials, related drills, a photo gallery of the drill in action, and instructional videos to help introduce, facilitate, and provide tips for running the drill.