Steal like an artist.

Our library of 150+ Think Wrong Drills keeps growing. Knowing which drills to use when takes practice. Get started by choosing the Think Wrong Template that best fits your challenge.


Expert-designed, ready-to-execute Blitzes organized in the Lab by type of Think Wrong Challenge and duration of Blitz (.5 Day, 1 Day, 1.5 Day, etc.).

Choose a Template—then use it as is, or swap new drills in or out to tailor your Think Wrong Collaboration to produce the outcomes you’re after.

A special type of template. These consist of smaller collections of related Think Wrong Drills that are helpful for more specific tasks (such as: planning 1-year goals, building empathy for key constituents, defining your organization’s values, kick-starting meetings, etc.).

Ready to roll.
Think Wrong Templates include required Framing activities, such as breaks, meals, welcome remarks, introductions, stories, closing remarks—and even time buffers for when you think you might run over (particularly useful with larger, harder-to-wrangle groups). Using a Template can get you started quicker, and allow you to focus more on facilitation, and less on the design, structure, and flow of your Blitz. (You’re welcome!)

Set up for success.
Don’t have much time to search for drills or curate a Blitz? Maybe you just want to use a single drill at your next team meeting. A Think Wrong Set is a good place to find drills that can help you to address your challenge(s) quickly. Use a single drill in the Set, or choose a combination of featured drills. Not sure what Set to select? Click on any Template or Set to learn more about when you might want to use it.