The right tool for the job.


Does your Blitz Guide contain a drill with a drill tool? Lucky you. Not sure? Find your drill tool(s) in the Drill Tools section of your Blitz Navigation Bar. This will also be noted in the Tools section of the Drill Page. From there, you may access each Drill Tool for your Blitz.



Craft away.
Need help crafting a challenge statement? Look no further than the Challenge Framer Tool. In addition to accessing the Challenge Framer from the Drill Tools section of your Blitz, you may find this tool in the Blitz Overview.

You can also use the Challenge Framer Tool as a place to store potential challenge statements or drafts. Each time a challenge is created, it’ll be visible to the full team to review.

Need help narrowing down your challenge set? Try running the Beautiful Question Drill to narrow the opportunity you want to think wrong about, or take a look at the Challenge Framing Template. 

Happy crafting!

A little help with letting go.
Once teams have been assigned a brand, trend, cultural icon, etc. for a Let Go takeover drill, encourage them to visit the Drill Tools for additional information they can  build from and generate ideas with.

There are several Let Go Drill Tools that Wrong Thinkers may reference during a Blitz. Each one features a library of brands, trends, destinations, etc. and contains information to help Wrong Thinkers through their drill. 

As a core team member, you may select the takeovers you wish to use in your Blitz (e.g., brand = Apple, Netflix, Pixar, Tom's); we typically assign one takeover per Blitz team. Want to make a change? Select the edit button at the bottom of each takeover. Don’t see what your looking for? Choose New at the top of your screen to add a new takeover to any library.

Short, sweet, and to the point.
Instruct Blitz teams to use the Pecha 3 or Pecha 3+3 Drill Tool to create a concise presentation of their emerging solutions. All Pecha Presentations have the same layout and restrictions; yet, Wrong Thinkers can still customize to best illustrate their idea. The three-slide format forces teams to be concise about their messaging as they communicate why their idea matters, how it will work and address pain points, and finally, what the solution is (a la Simon Sinek’s Start with Why).

Once a Pecha Presentation is saved, it will appear in the Drill Tools section of your Blitz along with all other team presentations to review. Pecha Presentations can also be accessed directly from the Blitz Report.