Stay on Track.

Let the Think Wrong Lab be your guide—follow along and make adjustments as needed to meet any unexpected outcomes or changes in the energy of your group. We move fast at Blitzes—keep the show running smoothly with the help of your Blitz Guide.


Follow along
Blitzes are faced paced—use your Blitz Guide to follow along drill-by-drill. Keep your Blitz Guide open on multiple devices—and even multiple tabs—all at once.

By the way, are you wondering why we’re staring at our phones? Why, the Blitz Guide on The Think Wrong Lab, of course! Pardon if it appears rude, we are just making sure that the show runs smoothly—and you can do the same!

Be flexible
Change of plans: Is a drill running long? Does your group look like they need a break earlier than anticipated? Need to insert a Flow Drill to revive the energy in the room?

Use your Blitz Guide in Edit Mode to make adjustments as needed. Swap out drills, shift time buffers, or extend and shorten drill durations—best of all your Blitz Guide will reflect the new timing automatically, so you don’t have to.

If you participate in a Blitz run by the Solve Next Team, you might hear us say, “refresh!” to each other as we update the Guide during the Blitz. This quickly lets the team know that there is a change—and that they need to catch up!

Make changes
Prior to generating your Blitz Report, ensure that your Blitz Guide accurately reflects the drills that you’ve run. Make any final edits to your guide to simplify post-production. The media folder structure and sections of your Blitz Report will be determined by your guide, so make sure to give it a final review before you create the report.