Make friends.

All the information you need to know about the Wrong Thinkers at your Blitz—all in one place. Add Blitzer information, then add, change, and revise as needed to keep your attendance list current to best prepare for your Blitz.


Guest list.
Add your Blitz candidates into the Think Wrong Lab while firming up any pre-invite logistics (i.e., Blitz date, location, number of teams, challenge, etc.). This way, when it’s time to use the Communicate Tool to invite with Wrong Thinkers, all you’ll need to do is press send.

Get detailed.
To add a Wrong Thinker into the Think Wrong Lab, you must provide three key pieces of information: their name, organization, and email (highlighted in pink). If a Wrong Thinker has participated in a Blitz before, use the Autofill button to save time and magically pull in their user details. Wrong Thinkers will get the chance to provide any additional information they would like to share such as their address, Linkedin profile link, and even a Think Wrong T-shirt size.

View Wrong Thinkers. 
Any core team member of a Blitz can view Wrong Thinkers who are attending. If a Wrong Thinker has provided a link to their bio, this information will be available to all attending Wrong Thinkers. They can also email each other directly from the Lab by selecting their email from the list. These features let curious participants understand who will be in the room before the Blitz, and allows for networking and collaboration afterward.

Edit Wrong Thinkers.
Core team members may also add, edit, or remove a Wrong Thinker in Edit mode. They may also view the status and roles of invited Wrong Thinkers, access all catering details and dietary restrictions, T-shirt sizes, and can even export the complete list, along with all provided details, as a CSV file. Want to organize your list of Wrong Thinkers? Simply click on any category headline to organize it alphabetically by organization, role, core team, or attendance status.