This is an online certificate of completion for Think Wrong Training, administered by Solve Next (Half Moon Bay, CA). The named individual has completed either the Think Wrong 3-Day Intensive Class or a combination of Think Wrong Fundamentals and Think Wrong Advanced to achieve the status of Certified Wrong Thinker.

As a Certified Wrong Thinker, the named individual has: 

  • Hands-on experience using Think Wrong Language and Frameworks to assess opportunities and engage people inside and outside of their organization in improving what is, imagining what might be, and overcoming obstacles while creating what’s next.

  • An understanding of how innovation roles can be used to deconstruct traditional hierarchies and institute new team-based approaches.

  • Gained essential problem-finding skills, including how to frame challenges and opportunities that align with their goals and aspirations.

  • Learned about the 3-zones of innovation and big questions that will help people move from problem and solution uncertainty to certainty and dominance.

  • Learned to design a Think Wrong Intervention to address challenges and opportunities, and to generate a portfolios of solutions, small bets, and option value.

  • Practiced leading and participating in a Think Wrong Blitz—introducing Think Wrong frameworks, facilitating Think Wrong Drills, and documenting Blitz activities and output for reporting purposes.

  • Learned how to use innovation roles to recruit colleagues and outsiders to participate in Think Wrong Interventions and Blitzes.

  • Joined a community of Think Wrong Practitioners from the private, public, and civil sectors. 

This certification does not expire.

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