The pukka British chef, celebrity, restaurateur, and activist has had an oversized influence on our business over the last year or so.

We applied the Let Go practice and performed a Brand Takeover - where we imagined what would happen if Jamie Oliver took over our business—“What would Jamie do?”

The obvious thing was his books, they have a style and an attitude about them merging stories, instruction, photography and design in a way that projects who Jamie is, they’re aspirational, easy, and fast - they represent a lifestyle. Compare that to the average snore-fest of a business book—crappy paper, black and white, pages of text after text after unread-put-down-never-to-be finished text… Jamie wouldn’t do that, so nor would we.

As the former owner of an advertising and design firm I really loved this book. First of all, it is insanely well-designed, a joy to read, look at, and hold your hands.
— John B. Spence—Author, Professional Speaker / Trainer

The next weapon in Jamie’s arsenal that inspired us was his iPad app - it’s really quite beautiful. It’s easy to navigate, discoverable, and consistent in style and tone with his books - delivering short videos and instructions that not only help you make that dish, but make you a better cook beyond that moment of need. This was a pivotal moment for us - Jamie’s app is the model for our software. Indeed, until that point it wasn’t altogether clear that we needed software, and if we did what form it should take.

Thirdly, when you look at Jamie’s business - he has restaurants around the world - we’re pretty sure Jamie isn’t cooking at them all! How does he scale a business that relies so heavily on him? He developed a system, makes that system easy to implement and scale, and puts his strong brand against it… we asked "how could we do that?"  Much of the system went into the software tool and the online content, but it became apparent that for the more complex scenarios we would have to once again look to Jamie—like Jamie we’ve started running intensive, immersive master classes that would enable others to run our process too.

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So a huge thank you Jamie Oliver - you've inspired us in a way you probably never imagined, helping us conquer our own status quo and forge a path that only in hindsight seems obvious.

All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone; to show that you can make mistakes—I do all the time—but it doesn’t matter.
— Jamie Oliver

Brand Takeover is an insanely easy Drill to run, and always leads to unexpected outcomes that can help you become unstuck, and energize a team by freeing you from what you think you already know will halt your progress - give it a try by asking yourself the question "What would ________ do if they took-over our organization?" - let us know what happens! #brandtakeover


And if you like any of this and want to solve problems and drive change in your life, or your organization—please read the book, join the Lab, and come to a Master Class.