Be inspired.

Use the 3x3x3 drill when you want to break through preconceptions, elitism, and status that restrict what might be considered.

One of our favorite Get Out drills for seeking inspiration from unexpected people and places, 3x3x3 is best experienced outdoors or in populated spaces.

Wrong Thinkers spend 30 minutes visiting three places, speaking with three people, and gathering three stories or examples related to the challenge that they can share with the rest of the group.


  • Attentive, receptive, and collaborative mindset

  • Serendipitous connections and insights

  • Team bonding and boldness

Blue tape


Step 1
Introduce the 3x3x3 Drill.

Step 2
Have Wrong Thinkers pair up into duos—or trios.

Step 3
Have Wrong Thinkers explore the surrounding area and ask them to:

  • Go to three places.

  • Meet three people.

  • Come back with three stories.

We often find it is helpful to provide Wrong Thinkers with an opening question to ask people when they get out.

Step 4
Invite teams to share one or more of their stories with the group.

Step 5
As a group, discuss reflections, insights, and implications.

Make sure that Wrong Thinkers have something they can use to capture the stories (e.g., mobile phone or a notepad/pen). 

You can spread 3x3x3 out over a few days or a week if your teams will be reconvening at another time to continue working on your challenge.  

When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill