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Put the Think Wrong Practices into action

Match your challenge or opportunity to one (or more) of the following Think Wrong Drills, and access the tools—instructional videos, posters, and facilitation tips—to help you run each drill like a pro.

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Be Bold: Dare to make a big difference.

Use Be Bold Drills when you want to set your aspirations high, to make a meaningful difference, question the way things are, and explore how things might ideally be.


The Deflection Point Drill
Set brazen goals.

Use when you want to create a bold path that deflects from the status quo—shifting from the way things are to how they might be.


  • Aspirations for a future state

  • Shared understanding and enthusiasm for change

The Moonshot Drill
Build a rocket.

Use when you need to escape the biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions that define the status quo—and that limit the impact you might have.


  • Elevated impact

  • Shared vision of impact

  • Aspirational goals

  • Reasons to believe

The Challenge the Challenge Drill
Embrace your inner teen.

Use when you want to encourage, build, and grow a culture that questions the way things are.


  • Multiple entry points for addressing a challenge or opportunity that matters to you and your people

  • Identification of the people that you wish to serve

Get Out: Find fresh inspiration for status quo-busting solutions.

Use Get Out Drills when you want to invite design serendipity, to shift into an attentive and receptive mindset allowing the let people and places to inspire solutions and inform your decision making.


The 3x3x3 Drill
Be inspired.

Use to break through preconceptions, elitism, and status that restrict what might be considered.


  • Serendipitous connections, observations, and insights

  • Team bonding and boldness

The That’s Odd Drill
Get weird.

Use when you need to start solving from an entirely new place.


  • Random starting places

  • Serendipitous connections, observations and insights

  • Team bonding and boldness

The Silent Walk Drill
Walk softly.

Use when you want thoughtful reflections on ideas, activities, conversations, emerging solutions, and progress.


  • Reflection, inspiration, and enriched understanding of opportunity and the potential for impact

Let Go: Stretch beyond assumptions, biases, and orthodoxies to expand what’s possible.

Use Let Go Drills when you want to consider what might be possible and increase the number of ideas available for further exploration, development, and consideration.


The Random Word Drill
Free associate.

Use when you need to let go of your problem solving orthodoxies to generate convention-defying solutions.


  • A portfolio of unexpected, inconceivable solutions, ready for quick evaluation and further exploration

The Brand Takeover Drill
Fake it.

Use when perceptions of what is—and is not—possible for your organization are holding you back.


  • Convention bending ideas freed from internal assumptions, orthodoxies, and biases


The MacGyver Drill
Escape the predictable.

Use when you want to make clever, practical, and original use of existing resources.


  • Compelling hacks of existing resources and solutions that might prove easier to execute

Make Stuff: Gain insights that can be obtained only through making.

Use Make Stuff Drills when you want to gain a deeper understanding and shift from high-level abstract thinking and debate to more concrete and promising solutions.


The Big Yes! Drill
Say yes.

Use when you want to imagine new elements, experiences, and processes that might make your solution even more compelling, powerful, and real.


  • More robust concepts for ingenious solutions 

  • New ideas

The Name It Drill
Sell it.

Use when you want to craft stories for your emerging solutions and better understand how they might work and how people might experience them.


  • Early use scenarios 

  • Ability to share and learn from—and be inspired by—others

The In a Box Drill
Box it.

Use when you want a clear, compelling, and concise presentation of your emerging solutions.


  • Clear and compelling language for your emerging solutions.

  • Identification of adjacent strengths to build on

  • Rough models of the product, services, processes, experiences, etc.

Bet Small: Discover what works without risking it all.

Use Bet Small Drills when you want to decide why and where you invest your time and resources and reduce risk through small experiments and quick insights.


The $100 VC Fund Drill
Place your bets.

Use when you want to focus on what matters most and what might make the biggest difference.


  • Focus

  • Prioritization 

  • Alignment with what matters most

  • Insight into how teammates think about priorities

The Do It on Monday Drill
Tie your hands.

Use when you need to quickly gain insights to accelerate development of your solutions. Serendipitous connections, observations, and insights.


  • Portfolio of small bets 

  • Clarity about which questions need to be answered first 

  • A low risk-path forward

  • Increased probability of insights that might lead to breakthrough

The Learn From Investment Drill
Be curious.

Use when you want to place a higher value on discovering new things than being right.


  • Design, development, and implementation priorities 

  • Insight into the most fruitful small bets 

  • Freedom from being right

Move Fast: Be open so others can help you improve your solutions and achieve impact sooner.

Use Move Fast Drills when you want to speed up the learning process and use the collective wisdom of the crowd to move your new way of doing things into the world more quickly.


The Asset Jam Drill
Take Stock.

Use when you want to make the most out of resources already available to you.


  • Inventory of resources with which to solve 

  • Recognition that there is much to work with

The Impact x Doability Drill
Prioritize it.

Use when you need to prioritize ideas for high impact.


  • Definition of high impact

  • Definition of what makes a solution doable

  • Reduced set of high-potential ideas

The SASU Drill
Listen up.

Use when you want to learn from others about how your solution might make even more of a difference.


  • Active listening

  • Valuable feedback from peers

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