Why Bet Small.

Critical Moment

When you are deciding why and where to invest your time and resources.

Why it’s hard.

Biological Forces

We are genetically wired for survival and to avoid risks.


Cultural Forces

Individual and organizational fear of failure is mollified by exercises that give a (false) sense of control—three-year strategic plans, business plans, ROI assessments.

What to expect.

Think Right Responses

Right Thinkers obsess over unknowable ROI, make massive launch plans, or do nothing at all.

What to do.

Think Wrong Responses

Manage a portfolio of possibilities designed to produce LFI (Learning From Investment) and reduce risk through small experiments and quick insights.


From Idea to Action

Be curious: Let discovery drive your solution.

Be experimental: Test your hypotheses and treat unexpected results as new opportunities for breakthrough solutions.

Be thrifty: Use the least amount of time and fewest resources possible to get answers to your most important questions.