Embrace your inner teen.

Use the Challenge the Challenge Drill when you want to encourage, build, and grow a culture that questions the way things are.

You’ve given lots of thought to crafting an impactful challenge statement. But the truth is, there’s more than one way to the bold path.

Hand over the reigns and see how your team might take the challenge a step further, and through a different lens. 


  • Multiple entry points for addressing a challenge or opportunity that matters to you and your people

  • Identification of the people that you wish to serve

Blue tape


Step 1
Introduce the Challenge the Challenge Drill.

Step 2
Based on the previous drills, have each Wrong Thinker reframe the Challenge Statement individually to reflect the greatest impact the team might hope to have.

Step 3
After 5 minutes, have each Wrong Thinker share their new Challenge Statement with their team.

Step 4
Ask teams to collaborate to create a final Challenge Statement. 

Step 5
Ask each team to share their new Challenge Statement with the group.

Encourage Wrong Thinkers to use the Challenge Framer Tool in the Lab. 

When to use the drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill