Why Get Out.

Critical Moment

When you decide where your inspiration and guidance will come from—who and what will inform your decision making.

Why it’s hard.

Biological Forces

Familiar environments cause the brain to tune out, be less alert—and less receptive to new input. Our instinct for survival sometimes keeps us from exploring the unknown and biases us to the familiar. 


Cultural Forces

Organizational silos and rigid job descriptions can stunt collaboration. We silo our own lives as well, packing our variant selves into confined and tidy categories: the person we are at work, at home, on vacation, and so on.

What to expect.

Think Right Responses

Right Thinkers hunker down and draw comparisons with long-established actions and familiar experts.

What to do.

Think Wrong Responses

Open the aperture in your mind. Prime yourself to take in new information and make surprising, serendipitous connections along the way.


From Idea to Action

Be adventurous: Find inspiration in new people, new places, and new experiences.

Be attentive: Pay close attention to what is going on—looking for, listening for, smelling, and feeling what’s new—collecting the most compelling things as fresh inspiration.

Be receptive: Accept every offer without judgment and with an eye toward expanding what might be possible.